Developing Your 2023 Content Marketing Strategy? Think Of Your Copy Like A Hotel


You close the car door and walk towards the hotel that will be your home for the evening. As the sky begins to transition into a soft Valentine’s Day pink, you greet the person working at the front desk.

“Hi, I’d like to check in.”

Whether it was curiosity about the location based on appearance, a great review, or simple interest in the services offered, something convinced each and every guest to pass through the sliding glass doors and enter that specific building at at that specific time.

If you’re developing your 2023 content marketing plan or strategy but don’t know where to begin, creating these bite-sized mental segments can go a long way in breaking down big ideas into manageable pieces.

The Check-In Desk: Your Headline

Once inside the hotel, you may ask yourself: Is this inviting? Does it make me feel comfortable? Do I see myself reflected in this setting?

The same goes for content creation.

This is where someone will initially meet you and your brand.

There, they will make their first impression of what’s to come.

And, first impressions always matter.

As you approach copywriting, think of your readers as visitors who you invited into your world. Though they may only be there for a few minutes, the fact that they chose your piece of content out of millions is not something to take for granted.

It’s also an experience that you should tailor as much as you can. Move hospitality to the forefront.

The Hotel Room: The Body of Your Copy or Content

Now you have your hotel key and you’ve arrived at the door. And, with a quick swipe, you enter.

The light switch is flipped.

What do you see when your eyes adjust to the illumination? An intuitive or undesirable layout? Is it clean or does it need extra attention? And, of course, are the towels fluffy enough?

When writing copy and content, considering these things can help lead the way. After someone clicks on your piece of writing:

Are you providing the experience that they hoped for or envisioned?

Is it up to par with their expectations of your brand?

If surprises come, will they be welcomed?

The Guest Book: Reviews and Word of Mouth

By 11:00 AM the next day, you’re out the door, with packed bags in hand. Maybe you’ll sign the guestbook or leave an online review.

Or, perhaps you’ll anecdotally rehash your experience.

Two days from now when you meet up with a close friend for coffee and they ask how your trip was, what will you say?

A quick synopsis to you could be a lasting impression to them.

Although digital marketing lacks a physical location or guestbook, the aftermath is the same. Reviews, referrals, and word of mouth all work together to tell the story of your company.

This will help shape the overall perception. Each time your brand is spoken about, whether in person or online, a piece of the puzzle slides into place.

And bit by bit a universal image is formed.

And We’re Off

Developing a content strategy can seem difficult at first. After all, you are conceptualizing your brand or company’s path.

But, by reframing how you view the process as a whole you can attack the big picture piece by piece.

Speak directly to your guest, remain hospitable, and offer a memorable experience.

Before long, you will have a strategy in place that can be used for the foreseeable future.

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